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Fundas Plásticas



The PMO stand (mobile stand) is more stable and discreet. It was developed to stay near the floor, facilitating the flow of people and carts. It has 80 cm of height from the floor to the dispenser’s base (the height can be increased with an adapter). This holder was developed to be filled with weight ballasts, to maintain stability, since it does not use screws or another permanent fixation. It can be easily moved to different parts inside the store. It is very strong and prevents dust accumulation. It is available in beige (WPC) with aluminum stem.


The new VHR stand allows its fixation on tables and counters on the vertical and horizontal position. Comprised of a mobile and adjustable system, it enables the fixation in surfaces of different thickness. It can be purchased with long or short stem. Below there are some suggestions for use:




To be fixed in horizontal surfaces (counters). With 40 cm of stem, it maintains the dispenser near the products and at hand. Its square and thin base allows it to be under boxes, ensuring the good look of products on display. For more stability it can be fixed by screws. It is available in black with aluminum stem.



This stand looks like the HPF stand, however its aluminum stem is in angle. It is used on leaning surfaces, putting the dispenser on the vertical position. Its square and thin base allows it to be under boxes. It can be fixed by screws. It is available in black with aluminum stem.



The PF stand is frequently used in the butchery, because it does not oxidize. Its flat surface does not accumulate dust, allowing easy cleaning. It is fixed on the wall by screws.



Stand for lateral fixation through screws. It was developed to be used in “islands” of products. Its small base does not interfere on the disposition of boxes and products. Developed on plastic material with a 30-cm aluminum stem.



The BMD adapter was developed to be used together with the PMO, HPF, IF, IFB, and DOBLE PF stands, making the utilization of two dispensers possible, instead of only one. The advantage of having two plastic bag dispensers close to each other is to use two plastic bag rolls of different sizes, making it easy for the customer to choose the right plastic bag roll for the amount of products that will be put into them.

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